What is a Cardiac MRI ?

It is a test that produces both motionless and moving pictures of the heart and great vessels. This is used for analyzing heart function and anatomy. MRI can be used to accurately quantify right and left heart function like ejection fraction, can evaluate shunts within the heart, and can look for congenital anomalies. Gadolinium contrast is used to evaluate the heart muscle for signs of scarring from inflammation or from a heart attack.

MRI uses large magnets and radio-frequency waves to produce pictures of the body’s internal structures; no x-ray exposure is involved. The study takes approximately 1 hour.

What preparation is required for a Cardiac MRI?

Preparation for most MRI exams is minimal. You may be asked not to eat or drink before the exam depending upon the body area to be examined. Routine safety questions will be reviewed in detail when you schedule your exam.